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The administrative officer position is utilized in most executive department agencies and with military units such as the National Guard. The federal government employs 9,285 administrative officers in all cabinet level agencies and most large independent agencies. There re 340 working overseas. The largest employer is the Veterans Administration with 1,809 followed by Health and Human Services with 1,301. The Departments of the Army, Navy and Air Force employ a combined 2,272. This article covers the relevant duties, qualifications, and education requirements for this position.

Administrative Officer (GS-0341) (Military Unit)

Eric Brenner, is a GS-0341-11, administrative officer who is stationed at HQ/41 Infantry Brigade Combat Team (IBCT) in Clackamas, OR.

Brenner was originally hired as a training specialist stationed at state headquarters in Salem OR. He transferred to Clackamas as a way to broaden his current assignment. Brenner is involved in day-to-day operations of a brigade and he has direct influence over plans and policies for the betterment of the brigade.


Major Eric Brenner and Wife
Major Eric Brenner and Wife

Brenner remarks that, “the job is ideal for someone that enjoys operational planning and execution at the brigade level, understands National Guard personnel budgets, and can manage multiple projects at the same time. They must understand fiscal law, budgeting practices, the Army’s force generation model, and Army training priorities and make recommendations to the commander and senior staff members.” 

Brenner serves as an administrative officer in a military unit, and he cites “that it is considerably different than other governmental positions. My duties as an administrative officer mostly resemble those of a staff major in the operations section of an IBCT headquarters. It is a rewarding career that carries the potential for upward mobility and compliments my National Guard career.”

An administrative officer is associated with a military unit is considered a civilian employee and is placed in an Excepted Service position. It requires membership in a state’s National Guard or Reserve component and is a requirement for employment. The employee will be required to wear a military uniform and this is a condition of employment.

They are the officer in charge and serve as the principal staff officer and primary advisor to the Commander for providing leadership, oversight, information, analysis, guidance, and recommendations on readiness and day-to-day matters of the command.

Major Duties

The administrative officer is a full-time representative of the commander and there are numerous responsibilities involved. They ensure goals are in accordance with higher headquarters directions. Oversee the development and execution of both long and short-range plans and programs. Provide instructions and guidance to staff sections in conducting daily activities. They are responsible for making day-to-day decisions for the commander relevant to personnel and equipment assignments, instructions to staff members. Directs, coordinates, trains and oversees the work of employees.

The administrative officer has oversight in the development of unit goals, provides readiness reports. Evaluates organizational readiness reports and will provide recommendations for improvement or modifications to the organizational priorities based upon the ever-changing needs of the organization. Finally, they make sure that the National Guard armories and facilities under the control of the command are properly utilized and cared for. Arranges for repair, upkeep, and custodial services for the facilities.

General Experience

The employee is responsible for providing a variety of management services that is essential to the direction and operation of the organization. The most important qualifications are an extensive knowledge and understanding of management principles, practices, methods and techniques, and skill integrating management services with the general management of the organization.

Specialized experience

At the GS-12 level, either you must have a Bachelors Degree or must have 3 years of general and specialized experience. This can include education or training in analyzing problems, identifying significant factors, gathering relevant data and providing solutions. You will need to have experience in preparing reports, plans, policies, and various correspondence. You should be able to evaluate objectives and develop appropriate plans. Understand the utilization of the organization, its mission, and the organizational staff procedures. Experience in the use of quantitative and qualitative techniques for analyzing and measuring effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity of administrative and technical programs. Finally, have experience in both analytical and investigative techniques. You must be able to lead, direct, and assign work to personnel.

You must be a U.S. citizen to apply. The salary range for a GS-0341-12/12 is $73,265.00$95,243.00 per year.

LTC Kotz, is a GS-1102/12 administrative officer, assigned to HHD, Joint Force Headquarters, and Oregon Military Department.


LTC Dominic Kotz
LTC Dominic Kotz

Kotz indicates, “the most exciting thing about being an administrative officer is the flexibility within the series to conduct different types of jobs. He would recommend this to any officer early in their career. Finally, I would tell a young officer to make sure that they have a plan “B” and continue to diversify their work experience”.

Administrative Officer (GS-0341) (Non-Military)

The administrative officer in the competitive service isn’t associated with a military unit and they do not have to report to a commander, nor wear a uniform.


The employee assists a supervisor, other office personnel, or managers in providing various management activities. The activities generally include Federal operations management, human capital management, contract administration, property and space management and other functional areas. Other additional functions and responsibilities include assisting in research and investigating new ways to improve programs, employee recruitment, performance management, employee recognition, contract initiation, office moves, evacuation planning/emergency preparedness, and team building.

Maintains complete files on employees, contracts and recruitment programs. Serves as a liaison on various matters such as recruitment, placement, payroll, performance appraisals, awards, initiating personnel actions and collaborates with personnel specialists in personal related matters. Can advise management on such topics as contract administration, acquisition, recruiting operations, social media strategy, web content and branding, effective performance management and workplace diversity. They can also serve on various task forces.


At a GS-09 level, you must have at least 1 year of specialized experience at the GS-07 level or a Masters Degree or equivalent degree. At the GS-11 level you must have 1 year of specialized experience at the GS-09 level. The specialized experience can include performing a variety of management and administrative services in the operation of an office. This includes professional and support staff recruitment, operations and management reports, property management issues, organizational practices, procurement, and human resource allocation. You must have 3 full years of progressively higher-level graduate degree.

You must be a U.S. citizen to apply for this position. A GS-0341-09/11 salary range is $52,668.00 to $82,840.00 per year. 


  • Christopher L. Ingersoll, Public Affairs Specialist, Oregon Military Dept.
  • The Oregon Military Dept. public relations department supplied the photographs used in this article.

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Administrative Officer

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