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The Harvard Business School’s Comprehensive Leadership Programs

Harvard Business School (HBS) provides several opportunities for leadership courses/programs for individuals. Designed at a variety of levels …from executives to managers to new leaders to business owners, the goal of each is to improve corporate performance, become a visionary and drive competitive advantage. These comprehensive programs are aimed at developing additional responsibilities: Owner/President Management (OPM), Advanced Management (AMP), General Management (GMP), and the Program for Leadership Development (PLD). With an opportunity for candidates at all career levels, each program is uniquely designed to fit a specific need with an end result of a visionary leader who can improve corporate performance and drive competitive advantage.

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The General Management Program (GMP)

Great experience for general managers in industry whose function involves profit/loss; 15-20 years work experience is preferable. Specifically, those managers who have the responsibility to work with profit/loss and perhaps a cross functional, expanding role will benefit. With a myriad of coursework that consists of on-campus and distance learning, the knowledge base is expanded.  In addition, with time away from your daily duties, investment is maximized and leadership skills and growth maximized. You will be exposed to the best practices surrounding global leadership, competition, capitalization, emerging opportunities, growth potentials and the basics of running a business from beginning to end. A strategic program, the GMP is a great option for all aspiring managers.

The Program for Leadership Development (PLD).

Tailored to leadership goals and objectives for individuals with 10-15 years of experience seeking the fast track to leadership in lieu of an MBA. Specifically, with its focus on challenges and unique leadership skills and goals, this option is a more personalized experience. With a four module format, participants are exposed to core operations, key functions and best practices for success. Topics to include: leadership, change, and strategic innovation serve as the core for the learning portfolio that will boost your confidence. Participants will obtain a broader grasp of management and be ready to hit the ground running after working with high performing global and cross functional teams, driving change and working through challenging and functional initiatives. The PLD is an opportunity to excel in your current position and beyond.

The Owner/President Management (OPM)

This program is for business owners with at least 10 years experience; great for CEOs, COOs, Presidents, Exec Directors, etc. with sales exceeding $10M/year. Specifically, participants will work as though they were in charge of the business; an intensive three unit format runs the course of 24 months which maximizes time away from work yet provides significant value. Topics include: finance, marketing, sales, negotiation, leadership and global sales; a comprehensive portfolio, the OPM offers navigation through entrepreneurial challenges and uncovering new opportunities.

The Advanced Management Program (AMP)

A custom program for senior executives with at least 20 years of experience; great for CEO with annual revenues in excess of $250 million. Specifically for those central to an organization’s succession plan, AMP immerses individuals with a highly integrated format. Personal and professional growth are explored in 7 weeks on campus; coursework includes: leading change, driving innovation and positioning a company for success. The AMP offering is a must for those wanting to lead companies around the world, perhaps as a CEO.


Derek Porter, a CEO of a Beauty Industry Group who attended coursework as part of the HBS program, found that the program was unique in that it “teaches participants how to actually build a successful and sustainable enterprise.” In addition, he felt that it offered critical and applicable information on theories to include continuous improvement and sustainable enterprise. This learning was a key factor for success for him in growing a large business with sustainment at the next level.

Derek also felt that it was “invaluable to hear the perceptions of such a wide range of executives from different cultures.”  HBS focuses on diversity as part of its participant selection which makes for an even more attractive learning environment.

Finally, Derek felt the case-based learning methodology was valuable since it “explored unique circumstances underneath problems, identifying things that could be done to solve them.”  HBS uses this method instead of traditional learning so as to deepen one’s understanding through a different set of perspectives and scenarios.

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