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USAJOBS Applicant Accounts Updated & Streamlined August 20, 2016

The deputy program administrator for USAJOBS announced upgrades to their system that assists applicants with their accounts. A new streamlined account allows applicants to easily view the status of their applications, saved jobs, and searches. Each application is listed as either advancing, paused, or no longer being considered. All of the applicant’s resumes and other documents now reside under the “Documents Section” and they added helpful tips and color coded completion indicators.

There are more changes coming as the program administrator addresses user feedback to improve and streamline the application system for anyone searching for federal jobs. Since USAJOBS was launched it is now much easier to apply for and know the status of your applications and improvements are evident throughout the application process.

The first step for applying for a federal job is to search for federal jobs of interest, printout and review the job announcement, register on USAJOBS and prepare a comprehensive and professional federal style resume and application. USAJOBS helps you throughout the process. View OPM’s video that announces these changes.

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