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Apply for federal jobs well in advance of the time you will be available for employment. Applications can take 6 to 8 weeks for processing. It may take longer if written tests are required, especially in overseas areas. Many human resource departments are limiting open periods for job announcements. They also may only accept applications until a fixed number of applications are received or until the closing date of the announcement.

Recently, we have noticed that job announcements are being limited in duration to as little as one week or less. Check for vacancies frequently to ensure you don’t miss an opportunity to bid on a desirable overseas job.  When applying for any federal job, especially overseas jobs, read the job announcement carefully, highlight actions that you must take to apply and do not leave out anything. If you don’t submit all required information and forms your application may be rejected or at the very least you won’t rate “Best Qualified” for the position.


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Department *Overseas Employment Total Employment
* Overseas + US Territories
Dept. of the Airforce 3,371 174,509
Agriculture 787 99,774
Dept of the Army 11,779 254,418
Commerce 448 53,939
Defense 11,471 114,077
Education NA 4,031
Energy 18 14,573
Health & Human Services 455 83,514
Homeland Security 2,461 210,860
Housing & Urban Development 57 7,845
Interior 294 66,113
Justice 402 115,882
Labor 33 13,976
Dept of the Navy 5,523 225,303
State 49 11,968
Transportation 330 54,343
Treasury 662 94,366
Veterans Affairs 4,780 420,048

Overseas job listings

Explore and apply for all overseas job vacancies in the government and private sectors to improve you chance of employment. You can post your private sector resume online at no cost to expand your job search. (Caution) Don’t post your federal style resume online without removing all sensitive information such as your Social Security Number, etc.

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