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The USAJobs (USAJobs.gov) federal job search site is managed by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). They advertise an average of 14,000 federal job vacancies daily and assist agencies with their recruiting efforts. Each year approximately 200,000 people are hired by Uncle Sam. USAJobs offers basic and advanced job searches, an online federal resume builder, applicant online registration where you can check on the status of your applications, save searches, job vacancies, and resumes for future bids. There are also abundant resources available for your federal jobs search.  

Job seekers can search by job title, location, occupational series, agency or department, salary range, and pay grade. The advance search feature offers many options to filter your search. You can also register to use their online federal resume builder and you can limit your federal job search to jobs available for current federal employees only or to jobs that the general public can apply for.

USAJobs was recently upgraded to a more user friendly format that simplifies the application process for all applicants. The new site explains various hiring polices and reduced government jargon so that applicants will better understand the process.


USAJobs Resume Posting

After registering online you can build and save up to 5 distinct resumes, save and automate job searches, apply for jobs, and explore special hiring programs. You can also see what jobs are in demand.

USAJobs Federal Job Search

Use their advanced search feature with multiple filters to search for federal government jobs in your occupation, area, and at the desired pay grade. Visit http://www.usajobs.gov to search for federal jobs in your area. Also search our consolidated job listings that provide job vacancies for federal, state, and private sectors in your area.

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