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The CIA, an independent agency, supports government officials that execute and make policy and include the National Security Council and the President. They are held accountable through intelligence oversight committees of Congress.

CIA personnel provide comprehensive, accurate, and timely foreign intelligence on national security topics. They also perform special activities, conduct counterintelligence initiatives and various other functions associated with national security and foreign intelligence as directed by the President of the United States of America.

There are CIA jobs for intelligence functions, high leverage technology when and where needed, research, and development.  CIA operatives work with other intelligence community organizations ensuring that Washington policymakers or military commanders receive high quality and reliable intelligence.


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CIA Careers & Occupations

The following occupational groups are employed by the CIA to maintain their mission:

Analytical Positions

Analysts valuate and study information from many sources and are considered subject-matter experts in their field. Information is gathered worldwide through such means as human contacts, satellite surveillance, foreign broadcasts and newspapers. The information collected varies widely depending on the source in reliability and is often considered conflicting or incomplete. The analyst typically develops usable and meaningful assessments from all of available sources. Analysts are grouped into the following analyst categories:

  • Leadership
  • Counterintelligence Threat
  • Counterterrorism
  • Crime and Counternarcotics
  • Intelligence Collection
  • Methodologists
  • Medical and Health
  • Military
  • Political
  • Psychological and Psychiatric
  • Science & Technology
  • Targeting

Intelligence analysts compile relevant and useful information from all sources available and analyzes all information to provide objective and timely assessments that are not politically biased. This final intelligence assessment, in various forms, often times are provided to the President and key senior government advisors.

Analytical Job Lists:

Clandestine Service

The primary source of clandestine information on international developments, from weapons of mass destruction and terrorism to political and military issues is the CIA’s Clandestine Service. Their mission often requires officers to live and work overseas. Clandestine Service is much more than just a typical job – it’s often a way of life that requires personal intelligence, self-reliance and responsibility. National Clandestine Service Officers come from varied backgrounds, language capabilities, educational and professional, and other elements that allow the service to meet its mission and critical objectives. The following clandestine service officer positions are available:

  • Collection Management
  • Operations
  • Language
  • Operations Officer – Specialized Skills

Clandestine Job Lists:

Language Positions

A program of the CIA is to acquire and maintain officers with foreign language skills. The CIA’s Language Institute teaches 16 different foreign languages. CIA employees that attain language expertise through various training options are receive monetary incentives. New employees, who possess language skills, often receive a hiring bonus. There are two CIA language incentive systems: the Corporate Language Program and the Corporate Language Hiring Bonus Program.

Clandestine Job Lists:

Science, Engineering & Technology Positions

The CIA fosters advanced engineering, science, and technology in all areas to stay ahead of the ever-changing global technology developments in order to fulfill the CIA’s intelligence mission. The CIA is in the unique position of leading an industry of primarily public-sector companies. They must Maintain leadership across a broad spectrum of technical and scientific disciplines and to implement and develop new technologies that may never commercially available.

Clandestine Job Lists:

Support & Professional Positions

There is a wide variety of talented professionals needed to achieve their mission and support the President, the National Security Council and those who make and execute national policy. This global organization continuously recruits skilled people in logistics, finance, linguistics, architecture, and law to cartography and everything in between. There are over 50 career fields in the Support and Professional functions alone. They serve at home and abroad, the CIA’s dedicated professionals play a vital role in our country’s national security.

Clandestine Job Lists:

Applying for CIA jobs

Apply for various CIA jobs online. A link to their online application page is found at the bottom of each position advertised on their Employment website. Multiple online submissions are not required and will slow the processing of your application and resume. A confirmation of submission success will appear on your screen upon submission of the form. This is the only acknowledgment you will receive, unless they elect to contact you to discuss a position. It is not necessary to call to check on your resume status or continue to send multiple resumes.

Because of the classified nature of our work at the Central Intelligence Agency, the application process is a lengthy one. Depending on an applicant’s specific circumstances, the process may take as little as two months or more than a year.

Each applicant is subjected to a thorough background investigation examining your character and life’s history, trustworthiness, reliability, and soundness of judgment. They also examine an individual’s potential conflicting allegiances, potential to be coerced, and ability and willingness to adhere to governing regulations, the protection and handling of sensitive information. The polygraph is used by the agency to check the veracity of this information. The CIA job hiring process includes a comprehensive medical examination of one’s physical and mental fitness to perform essential job functions.

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