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Federal Employee Benefits / Career Development (IDPs) / Retirement Planning Assistance

This section is devoted to federal employee services and provides guidance and information concerning benefits, Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) and Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) guidance, career development planning, job search opportunities, the MPP process, financial and estate planning, TSP discussions, federal resume and application assistance, and much more.

Federal employees will find links to informational articles that address benefits and finance, lifestyle, jobs, wellness, and travel and you can subscribe to our free newsletters for each category. Explore this site to find the information you need. This website also compliments our FREE Federal Employee’s Retirement Planning Guide that employees and retirees alike will find helpful.

Government Shutdown 2021 Pay Charts – 1% Increase

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Dennis Damp, the author of Take Charge of Your Federal Career was a quest speaker at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) headquarter in Washington DC headquarters. Damp discussed ways for employees to enhance their careers through the development and implementation of realistic individual Development Plans (IDPs). In the afternoon he presented a  similar program at the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) to help launch their new Career Development Toollkit program for their Leadership and Employee Development (LED) team. 

2021 Pay Charts Updated – 1% Raise


Do you dream of a better job, higher pay, a challenging position with responsibility and one that takes full advantage of your background and experience? You can turn your dreams into reality and be one of the thousands of federal employees each year who are promoted or obtain higher level government jobs. Take Charge of Your Federal Career: A Practical, Action-Oriented Career Management Workbook for Federal Employees by Dennis V. Damp describes the many options you have and it directs readers to where the jobs are. Available at local bookstores or Order ONLINE through Amazon.com.

Federal Employee’s Guide

If you are offered early retirement through VERA or a VSIP buyout, proceed with caution
and determine the impact on your benefits and annuity.

 Schedule A Seminars in Your Area

    • GovLoop.com – GovLoop is the largest social network for government employees.  Consisting of over 65,000+ federal, state, and local government leaders, the site provides free online trainings, jobs and career advice, news and best practices, and more. Sign up to receive GovLoop updates and we’ll send you a free copy of the e-book “Framework to Managing Your Government Career”
    • NARFE – National Active & Retired Federal Employees Association – This excellent organization is a wealth of information and resources for federal employees, retirees, and survivor annuitants. NARFE’s 350,000 members have access to a wealth of information at http://www.narfe.org, their monthly magazine, newsletters, the NARFE staff, and local NARFE chapter volunteers throughout the United States.
  • SES Jobs – The Senior Executive Service (SES)
  • Fedeal Career Guide Updated Site Training & Education Programs – What’s available for federal employees

Merit Promotion Program (MPP)

Our Federal Career Planning web site assists federal government employees to design realistic Individual Development Plans (IDPs) and target new jobs and promotional opportunities. Federal government employees have numerous and attractive career development and upward mobility opportunities available to them. Developed by a career fed with over 35 years federal service.

The Merit Promotion Program allows those who are status applicants (current federal employees or those who have reinstatement eligibility) to bid on job openings. MPP announcements are posted at most offices and on the internet. Many agencies have their own internet sites where you can view job announcements and print them out for future reference. OPM also publishes MPP announcements on their USAJOBS web site. Lists of federal job announcements are available on this site.

Agencies can restrict MPP announcements to applicants from their agency and many limit the geographical area of consideration.

NARFE – National Active & Retired Federal Employees Association


NARFE has represented federal workers since 1921 and they fight to protect benefits for federal employees and retirees. They have an extensive legislative agenda including extending pre-tax health care premium conversion to retirees and the repeal of the Social Security Government Pension Offset (GPO) and Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP). Members receive full access to their web site, a very informative monthly magazine, and you can connect to a large network of active feds and retirees through their local and regional groups.

Organ & Bone Marrow Donor Leave Programs

All federal employees are eligible to take up to 30 days a year of paid leave for donating organs or seven days of paid leave when donating bone marrow under 5 U.S.C. 6327. Organ Donor leave was approved by Congress in 1999 and OPM encourages agencies to be liberal with this program and extend time off if needed beyond the 30 day limit.

● Leave for bone marrow and organ donation is a separate category of leave that is in addition to annual and sick leave.

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