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The federal government consists of fifteen cabinet departments and 100 independent agencies. These agencies have offices in all corners of the world. The 6 largest government employers are the Department of Defense, the United States Postal Service, the Veterans Administration, the Department of the Treasury, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Department of Justice. Over 89,000 government employees work overseas. Most overseas jobs are at military bases or U.S.  Embassies.  California has the largest number of federal workers, 149,146 and Vermont the least with 3,831 workers.  All of the 339 major metropolitan areas in the U.S. and Puerto Rico have federal civilian employees. View employment by State in table 5-1 listed below.

Federal agencies are like corporations in the sense that each agency has a headquarters office, typically located in Washington D.C., regional offices located around the country to manage large geographic areas, and many satellite offices to provide public services and to perform agency functions. A good example is the Social Security Administration, which has offices in most areas to administer the Social Security program; manage disability claims, sign up those who retire at 62 and again at age 65 when they are required to elect Medicare options, etc.


Federal jobs can be found in all parts of the country and overseas — even in places you might never imagine. Do not exclude any location for a federal job, regardless of size. In 1975 Dennis Damp, the author of The Book of U.S. Government Jobs, was hired by the FAA to work at the Philipsburg Airport in central Pennsylvania. Philipsburg is a small town of 3,056 and he maintained navigational aids and communications facilities at the airport and State College. One of the main reasons he was hired was that few bid on these remote-location jobs. If you want to be successful in your job search, expand your area of consideration. It took Dennis three years to get trained and transfer back to his home town.

To locate potential employers and federal offices in your area, check the blue pages in your phone book, and use the informational interview process to establish a network within local agencies of interest. Comprehensive agency job listings are available on this site to locate federal job vacancy announcements. Also use the links listed below to locate federal job announcements by occupation and other search criteria for your area.  

Federal Employment by State


TABLE 1-5 Excerpted from The Book of U.S. Government Jobs

Alabama —  36,634
Alaska  — 13,833 
Arizona — 41,229 
Arkansas — 13,954 
California — 158,635 
Colorado — 38,195
Connecticut — 8,128 
Delaware — 3,270 
Florida — 82,356 
Georgia — 75,123 
Hawaii — 25,056 
Idaho — 10,280 
Illinois — 43,006 
Indiana — 23,522 
Iowa — 8,688 
Kansas — 16,587
Kentucky — 25,499
Louisiana — 19,935
Maine — 10,866 
Maryland — 106,391 
Massachusetts — 26,296 
Michigan — 27,693 
Minnesota — 17,653 
Mississippi — 18,052 
Missouri — 33,178 
Montana — 11,770
Nebraska — 10,359
Nevada — 10,944 
New Hampshire — 4,193 
New Jersey — 28,496 
New Mexico — 26,433
New York — 61,010
North Carolina — 40,549 
North Dakota —6,536 
Ohio 48,402
Oklahoma 38,650
Oregon — 21,750
Rhode Island — 6,860
South Carolina —20,871
South Dakota — 8,672
Tennessee — 27,298
Texas — 127,859
Utah — 29,226
Vermont — 4,406 
Virginia — 135,298
Washington — 54,852
Washington, D.C. — 128,324
West Virginia —15,620
Wisconsin — 14,830
Wyoming — 6,568
Overseas — 89,204
*Unspecified — 39,980