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Information Technology GS-2210

  • Average Salary $88,000
  • All federal agencies
  • High school + experience or a BS degree or higher for entry level job
  • Many new hires needed

The federal government employs 83,244 information technologists of which 1,783 work overseas. The Department of the Army, Air Force and Navy are the largest employers with 29,614 civilians followed by The Department of Defense with 7,081 and Social Security with 3,775. All cabinet level agencies  hire hundreds in this group each and all other agencies also employ this job series.

This series covers two-grade interval administrative positions that manage, supervise, lead, administer, develop, deliver, and support information technology (IT) systems and services. This series covers only those positions for which the paramount requirement is knowledge of IT principles, concepts, and methods; e.g., data storage, software applications, networking.

Serves as a technical focal point for the installation and configuration of hardware and software on personal computers. Serves as a systems administrator responsible for planning, coordinating, modifying, implementing, and troubleshooting in order to meet customer needs. Work pertains to the administration of all systems, including a myriad of associated hardware platforms, software applications and numerous interfaces included in the Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN).

Serves as a technical focal point on multiple operating systems and computer platforms. Provides technical assistance and advice to personnel involved in system design, programming, database design, and modifying commercially developed software. Determines equipment and communications requirements and interfaces with other systems. Evaluates machine usage and develops plans for the necessary acquisition to support future automation (hardware and software) requirements. Analyzes, evaluates, and recommends hardware/software changes to various computer systems.

Considers factors such as compatibility with standard systems, conversion or implementation costs, and impact on existing equipment. Installs, configures and tests products and equipment being reviewed. Develops guidelines, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), bulletins and flyers regarding the operation/use of assigned systems, services, and activities. Analyzes policies, regulations, and system provisions governing standard operating systems and provides assistance and advisory services to users.

Troubleshoots problems and implements changes on multiple computer platforms. Diagnoses system failures to isolate source of problems between equipment, system software, and application programs. Performs other duties as assigned.

Activities include:

  • Installation and configuration of hardware and software
  • System administration
  • Integrates new automation software and equipment
  • Develops guidelines and SOPs
  • Troubleshoots and corrects computer/system/automation problems

Job Series Titles: (The USAJOBS selection lists all federal job vacancies for this job series.)

Job Vacancy Listings

Additional information:

Healthcare Jobs – All Occupations

  • Average salaries from medical techs earning $35,000 to Physicians starting salaries from ($93,000 to $175,000) + PCA
  • Most jobs are with the Veterans Administration (VA), Dept. of Justice (DOJ), Dept. of Defense (DOD)
  • High school to BS & higher
  • ALL Occupations in demand

All health care occupations are in demand from Medical Techs making $35K a year to Physicians earning $175,000 or more. Recently there were over 6000 government health care job vacancies listed on just two of the recruiting web sites we list on this site. The government needs thousands to fill medical jobs at 31 new VA regional clinics plus maintain the staff at 153 hospitals and 745 community based clinics. Their $41 billion dollar annual budget serves 6 million people, 600,000 hospitalizations and more than 62 million outpatient visits.

Physicians average starting salary is between (93K – 175K) + PCA and Registered Nurses average $58,000. Physician also receive a Physician Comparability Allowances (PCA) of up to $30,000 annually over basic pay.

Job lists and additional information:

Legal Assistants & Clerks

  • Average Salary $46,000
  • All agencies including Dept. of Justice, Social Security, HHS, the U.S. Courts, etc.
  • HS to some college for higher paying positions
  • 5.5% job growth rate through 2016

Provide legal support to one or more Attorneys by preparing a variety of legal documents, maintaining files, and providing automated litigation assistance to attorneys in trial preparation and courtroom presentations. These jobs are under the Legal and Kindred Group and consist of assistants, clerks, and claims examining, and other related fields.

Related Job Titles: Click on the job title for links to job vacancies)

Activities include:

  • Review case material to identify all information necessary to establish and maintain automated case records.
  • Capture all relevant administrative data from materials submitted and establish linkages to case histories.
  • Identify record gaps, missing or incomplete documents and correct deficiencies.
  • Receive correspondence, documents, exhibits, and papers.
  • Match and post documents to appropriate case record.
  • Identify those incoming items that significantly impact case status and alert appropriate staff member.

Additional Information:

Procurement, Purchasing & Contracting

Involved with purchasing and procurement, real estate, Contract Compliance including Onsite Technical Representatives (COTR), lease costs and renewals, inventory control and management, procure office supplies or to purchase equipment such as telephone systems, etc.

Related Acquisition Titles: Click on title for links to job vacancies)

Activities Include: (Contacting)

  • Administers all aspects of the contracting transactions
  • Deals with other agencies and private sector organizations
  • Works with planning, legal and contract pricing personnel
  • Analyzes and evaluates cost and price for pre award and post award
  • Prepares solicitation documents
  • Develops written policies and procedures

Additional Information:

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