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The Office of Personnel Management

Office of Personnel Management (OPM)



OPM is responsible for development and implementation of new government personnel policies. They post federal job announcements on their jobs board at USAJOBS.gov and provide standardized hiring procedures for the federal sector. New employee background investigations and security clearances checks are conducted by this agency and the Office of Personnel Management defends the federal civil service merit systems to ensure Federal workforce practices are fair for all.

This agency manages federal employee pension benefits for retired federal workers and their families. They also administer the Federal Employees Health Benefit (FEHB) insurance program, the Federal Employees Group Life insurance (FEGLI) program, and other  insurance programs for the workforce and retirees.  Another major function they perform is to provide training and development programs along with various management tools for the federal workforce and agencies.




Examining and Staffing


OPM provides agencies and departments with assistance with federal civil service exams for General Schedule grades and for federal wage rate positions. They provide examination and testing services, establish qualification standards, certify an agency’s delegated examining units, provide employment information, and develop and provide policy and guidance for promotions, reassignments, excepted and competitive appointments, reinstatements, veterans preference, planning, staffing, and career transition planning.


OPM Web site and USAJobs.gov

This is the federal sector’s official personnel department and they offer federal job listing services for agencies and departments. They provide recruitment assistance and guidance to all agencies and develop and post qualification standards and federal job announcements for advertised positions. Visit www.opm.gov and discover what USAJobs.gov offers including their extensive job listings.


Executive Development and Resources


OPM selects and manages federal executives and support the Senior Executive Service (SES). They assist agencies with SES recruitment, succession planning, selection, awards, and removals. They also administer the SES Qualification Review Boards.



Numerous audits, evaluations, and investigations are conducted by the Office of Inspector General that are related to agency programs and operations. They also monitor the Federal Employees Health Benefits programs for various offenses.


Federal Salary Tables

There are numerous salary tables for various occupations and groups however the General Schedule (GS) pay tables and Wage Grade (WG) tables are the predominant pay systems in the federal sector. You also have special pay systems for doctors and certain medical specialists working for the Veterans Administration.


Other Personnel Programs

This agency manages the GS, WG, SES, and special pay systems for unique occupations, provide oversight, and ensures workforce diversity. They also staff and support 28 Federal Executive Boards across the county to disseminate information through the federal sector.

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