VA Careers and Jobs

The US Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) employs workers in a broad spectrum of occupations and has thousands of jobs available now. Most are health care specialists, with many administrative and management personnel, to hundreds of support positions including cooks, electricians, store clerks, laundry workers, engineers, and mechanics to name a few.  

There are currently over 5,000 vacancy announcements, many with multiple positions, advertised nationwide for VA jobs of all types and in multiple occupational groups. The VA employs 427,196 across the country in all occupations. The US Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) is one of the largest federal employers, half work for the VA Health Administration as medical specialists of all types. They provide medical services to over 9 million Veterans!

The following map was excerpted from their website and shows vacant positions by location. There are often multiple locations and jobs in the designated areas. Click on the map for updated listings.  

The following articles include interviews with VA employees and provide insight into the VA and the occupations / opportunities available:

Many other federal departments hire medical specialist. Expand your search and explore all opportunities for the largest health care occupations:

The federal government is this country’s largest employer and advertises thousands of vacancies daily. Explore this lucrative job market for areas of interest. The pay and benefits are exceptional, and opportunities abound if you are willing to seek them out.